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Organizer of the Republican seminar “METHODOLOGICAL TOOLS AND INSTRUCTIONS” at the college from 21 to 22 April. The director of the college, teacher Smanov Dinmuhammed, opened the case to the participants of the seminar. The main purpose of the seminar, along with updating the content of education, is to increase the effectiveness of the use of different teaching methods and tools.

   Development of professional knowledge, skills, general cultural development of the teacher, his personal vision and important professional qualities.

  The seminar was attended by qualified teachers of Aktobe Madrasah College, Astana Madrasah College, Ushkonyr Madrasah College, Hibatulla  Tarazi  Madrasah College, Shymkent Madrasah College, Abu Bakr Siddyk Madrasah College, Uralsk Madrasah College and the Deputy Head of the Department of Religious Education and Personnel Training Teacher Arshabayev Serikbol took part.

   In addition, Arshabayev Serikbol noted that the seminar was held for the first time among madrasah colleges and praised the methodical instructions of teachers of the college Kalmuratov Temur, Smanova Nurzhamal, Ramet Fatima, Zhunisovaura Laura, Boken Almas.

  The guests of the seminar got acquainted with the life of Saryagash madrasah college, attended open classes of teachers and exchanged views. The two-day seminar was very interesting and productive. Teachers who participated in the seminar were awarded special certificates on behalf of the director of the college Smanov Dinmuhammed.

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